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Our story begins in 1934, when Violet Shinbach, the "mother of baby shoe bronzing," established a business that would soon become the American Bronzing Company, the largest and most-trusted baby shoe bronzing company in the world.

Today, we uphold the same high quality standards that Grandma Vi put in place over 75 years ago.  And we treat our customers like family.  We're sure we would be making her proud.

Here at American Bronzing, in our third generation of family leadership, we preserve the memory of our dear grandmother by continuing to help our customers preserve the memories of when their children were toddlers, taking their first uncertain tiny steps.

For over 75 years, we have been trusted to preserve the memories and mementos of millions of families, having bronzed over 14,000,000 baby shoes.

The memories of baby's first steps are some of the fondest to which a parent holds.  We're here to help preserve those cherished memories for you.

Your baby's first steps happen only once; let us help you preserve that precious memory forever.

Bronzing Services

The American Bronzing Company is the direct marketing division of the oldest, largest and most-trusted baby shoe bronzing company in the world, the Bron-Shoe Company.

Since 1934, the company has bronzed over 14,000,000 baby shoes for sentimental parents everywhere.  This privately-held business is into its third generation of family leadership.  And the history of this company is as rich as the appearance of its products.

In the early 1930s, Violet Shinbach was shopping at a department store in Cleveland, Ohio, when she saw something that caught her eye, a simple pair of baby shoes that had been "bronzed".  This was just a tiny sideline the store offered (they used a local metal plater to process the few shoes that were brought in).

Mrs. Shinbach had her shoes bronzed and showed them to her friends and family. Instantly, she knew she had found something special.  A true entrepreneur (with a kindergarten teaching background), Mrs. Shinbach quickly showed more friends her beautiful new mementos.  She said "I can make a business selling these," and she DID!

First, she made arrangements with the plater to process the orders for her.  Then she took a two-pronged approach to sales.  She went door-to-door, looking for families who showed signs of babies in their yards or homes (tricycles, small swing sets, etc. as these were the best prospects).  She also traveled to many cities to visit the fine jewelry and department stores in each one.  She set up these retailers to take baby shoe bronzing orders, with unmounted bronzed shoe counter displays (no bases or other finishes).  This was the beginning of our company. In the middle of all this activity, the Shinbachs moved to Columbus, Ohio.  And once she had enough business, Mrs. Shinbach needed help.  So her husband, Sam, a men's clothing salesman, joined her in building the business.  Others were also hired to handle production.  It only took a short time before the Shinbachs realized they would have to do the bronzing themselves to control the quality.

In 1934, the Bron-Shoe Company was officially founded.  On September 22, 1949, the Company was incorporated.

In 1952, the Company went into the direct marketing business, with the new American Bronzing Company Division.  With the postwar baby boom, the baby shoe bronzing concept was perfectly timed.  And in 1965, the business moved into the current 44,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility at 1313 Alum Creek Drive in Columbus.

The company is currently owned by Robert Kaynes, Jr., grandson of the founder, who serves as President & CEO.  The company is listed in Dun & Bradstreet under "Bron-Shoe" and is also a long-standing member of the Greater Columbus (Ohio) Better Business Bureau.

Now that bronzed baby shoes are all the rage again, isn't it time YOU continued this cherished American family tradition or started a new tradition of your own??


Services available from our other division:

If you have any vintage, damaged SILVER (sterling or silverplate) that needs to be repaired or replated, visit our Silver Restoration website.


“I just received my daughter’s shoes which I waited 20 years to have bronzed. I showed them to my co-workers and they were really impressed. Thank you and keep up the good work.”
– Janice Cotton, Glenns Ferry, ID

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