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All baby shoe bronzing styles are available in Bright Bronze, Antique Bronze, "Pewter" or "Porcelainized" finishes.
Just click on any photo below for details. Prices shown on this page are for basic bronzing.
Baby Shoe Bronzing (unmounted)
Baby Shoe Bronzing (unmounted)Baby Shoe Bronzing (unmounted)Baby Shoe Bronzing (unmounted)Baby Shoe Bronzing (unmounted)

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The simple classic. Genuine preservation of your baby's first shoes. The actual shoes they wore are encased in real metal. No molds or reproductions here. Only YOUR baby's first adorable shoes... preserved forever so you can relive the happy memories of their precious first steps each time you see them out on display.

Note: As part of the bronzing process, we make two small holes in the sole of each shoe so we can plate them without misshaping them. Of course, we'll felt the bottoms of your shoes so they'll look terrific.

Also available with hand-detailed personalization on the toes of the shoes. Basic prices are for bright or antique bronze finishes. Add $25/pair or $15/single shoe for pewter finish. Add $60/pair or $35/single shoe for porcelainizing.

For additional information regarding the porcelainizing finish, click here.

Click on thumbnails to view a sample of the other finishes and nameplate samples.

Order yours today...for a lifetime of happy memories!

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